OPERA 2024: Ryan McNally (2024)

OPERA 2024: Ryan McNally (1)

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Ryan McNally often finds that he is the only pharmacist at the table, which was certainly the case when he was the only pharmacist awarded one of five King’s Health Partner Translational Medicine Postdoctoral Clinical Research Excellence Fellowships in March 2024.

After gaining his pharmacy degree at Queen’s University Belfast in 2016, Ryan completed his PhD at King’s College London, where he was awarded a competitive British Heart Foundation (BHF) interdisciplinary studentship. Following completion of his PhD in 2022, Ryan began working as a post-doctoral research associate on a joint project between the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at King’s College London and the Experimental Medicine Unit at the University of Cambridge.

Ryan’s research focuses on personalised medicine approaches for the treatment of hypertension, specifically using established and novel biomarkers to guide antihypertensive treatment. His current focus is a project that aims to investigate the role that salt sensitivity plays in ethnic-related differences in hypertension.

Ryan took an active role in the multicentre AIMHY (Ancestry and biological Informative Markers for stratification of Hypertension) trial, which investigated whether genetic markers of ancestry, combined with blood analysis, can guide hypertension treatment decisions. He was the only pharmacist involved at the largest recruitment site for the trial — St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

Ryan’s research is vital for reducing health inequalities related to hypertension outcomes. “People of black African or black Caribbean origin are disproportionately affected by hypertension,” he explains. “It’s more prevalent, more severe, and more difficult to treat, and current evidence suggests that the first-line drugs, so angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), are of limited efficacy in black people.”

“There hasn’t been any well-done randomised control trials with good representation of these ethnic minority groups, and you don’t really know what works best in them,” he adds.

As part of this work, Ryan led a collaboration with the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital in Nigeria, investigating the ethnic differences in hypertension phenotypes between African people living in Africa and the UK. Ryan studied more than 300 individuals and his findings have important implications for hypertension pharmacotherapy.

In addition to the impact Ryan’s work has on underrepresented groups affected by hypertension, he is passionate about helping disadvantaged groups access higher education and start their own research journeys. He mentors students as part of the Realising Opportunities Programme, which works to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups underrepresented in higher education.

Ryan regularly collaborates with colleagues internationally to share expertise. Some of this work comes from connections he made when attending the European Society of Hypertension Conference as one of two nominees from the British and Irish Hypertension Society, which he describes as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Ryan was the only pharmacist to attend the conference, where he met nephrologists, internal medicine specialists and hypertension specialists. “We realised that we could incorporate what we do in one area of hypertension and what they do in another area of hypertension,” he explains. One research collaboration that emerged from this opportunity was with a Cochrane statistician from the University of Split in Croatia, which looked at how arterial stiffness can predict future cardiovascular events.

Ryan initially developed an interest in cardiovascular medicine after his father had a heart attack when Ryan was a young child. This led to him reading BHF leaflets and becoming aware of the work that the organisation was doing to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Ryan’s father unfortunately passed away in 2023, after a second heart attack left him with heart failure. Ryan uses this personal connection to drive his research; he explains that the experience “gave me the push to keep going, and really try and find ways of reducing the burden of hypertension, and make sure that other families maybe don’t have to go through the same thing”.

“Excellent publication record in high quality journals.”

“Excellent and varied engagement activities overseas and in the UK.”


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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, June 2024, Vol 312, No 7986;312(7986)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2024.1.320895

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