Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (2024)

We may have just lived through an actual global pandemic, but that hasn’t dulled the appeal of open-world action-adventure games set in one!

Days Gone takes place many years after a nightmarish pathogen decimated earth, creating zombie freakers and morally bankrupt marauders.

Developer Bend Studio brings us a thrilling experience in the American pacific northwest, where we play as Deacon St. John, a drifter bike-riding bounty hunter in need of cardio.

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  • The Best Days Gone Mods
    • 10. Multiple Fuel Tank Capacities
    • 9. Explosive Gore
    • 8. Car Opener
    • 7. Better Flashlight
    • 6. Not a Reshade (Nar)
    • 5. Athletic Deacon (Better Stamina)
    • 4. Massive Hordes (Challenging)
    • 3. Super Accuracy
    • 2. The Growler, Evolved
    • 1. More Ears

The Best Days Gone Mods

The modding community around Days Gone has everything from cosmetics to cheats. This list includes our favorite experience-enhancing mods for the PC version.

10. Multiple Fuel Tank Capacities

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (1)

Fuel Tank Capacities allow the player to augment the amount of fuel the drift bike can hold.

This can be increased in increments of 50% all the way up to 250%. We love this mod because of the friction it removes from the Days Gone experience.

Riding through the landscapes is one of the best aspects of the game; running out of fuel is not.

This mod is perfect for those who don’t mind a slight downgrade in realism for an upgrade in fun. People who enjoy extreme accuracy may want to skip it.

9. Explosive Gore

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (2)

Explosive Gore transforms most kills into a bloody spectacle. One graphic takedown is good. Two is better, and infinity is best.

Fans of the genre appreciate the rush that comes with utterly demolishing an opponent.

With this mod, every time Deacon kills someone or something, it will pop like a garbage bag stuffed with meat. Breakers, Newts, Humans, Reachers, Screamers, and Swarmers all blow to bits for your viewing pleasure.

When used in conjunction with the number four pick on this list, the results are incredible. (If your gaming rig is up to the challenge, that is.)

8. Car Opener

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (3)

Car Opener increases the rate at which Deacon opens car hoods and trunks.

This is pretty straightforward. Jimmying open the trunks and hoods of abandoned cars for the chance at sweet, sweet items and weapons in Days Gone takes too long. With this mod, it happens “way faster,” according to the creator.

Downloading Car Opener is a no-brainer; once you try it, it’ll be impossible to go back. Derelict automobiles are the treasure chests of Days Gone.

7. Better Flashlight

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (4)

Flashlight improvement replaces the old-fashioned flashlight with a modern, bright LED flashlight. It’s about time.

Deacon’s standard flashlight is not suited to the devastating global pandemic in which he lives.

This upgrade makes it much easier to see in the dark, get around at night, and navigate caves and structures. Plus, the light emitted goes further and is clearer; no more obscured visuals, even up-close.

6. Not a Reshade (Nar)

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (5)

NAR improves the graphical performance of Days Gone.

NAR is an Unreal Engine 4 overhaul that refines ambient occlusion, sharpens the appearance of shadows, makes dark areas darker, improves god rays, more precise tone mapping, and a pile of other tweaks.

As a bonus, it eliminates much of the stuttering that plagues the game from time to time.

A graphical overhaul mod is a given for most of our lists; they offer so much for a simple, free download. It makes you wonder why devs don’t just do it in the first place.

5. Athletic Deacon (Better Stamina)

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (6)

Athletic Deacon increases the player’s stamina.

Poor ol’ Deacon gets winded so quickly, it seems. Traversing the terrain of Days Gone is no simple physical feat With the Athletic Deacon mod, he becomes an Olympic-level athlete. His stamina will deplete much slower.

Sprint, roll, and dodge whenever you see fit without managing your stamina usage. This gives players an in-game advantage, but it’s a massive quality of life improvement, too.

There are options to adjust how much additional stamina Deacon gains.

4. Massive Hordes (Challenging)

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (7)

Massive Hordes more than doubles the size, range, and difficulty of zombie hordes in Days Gone.

We’ve heard from more than a few veteran gamers that the hordes in Days Gone could use a little more spice. This mod is the answer.

Massive Hordes ups the difficulty of horde encounters, offering tons more targets, bosses, and longer duration and range.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but Deacon St. John is up for the challenge if you are.

Hordes can now range from 280 to 999. That upper bound is HUGE.

3. Super Accuracy

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (8)

Super Accuracy makes Deacon the bounty hunter a more accurate marksman.

This mod removes recoil, sway, and minimizes spread for every weapon in the game while making the reticle size constant. The creator claims that this mod “turn[s] Deacon into John Wick.”

Sounds good to us, honestly. It’s great for people who are less confident with their aim in video games.

Super Accuracy pairs well with Explosive gore; land every headshot to burst those walking meat balloons.

2. The Growler, Evolved

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (9)

The Growler can now be stored and used as a standard weapon with this mod.

Players can find the storable version of The Growler minigun at the Wizard Island merchant. The Evolved rework makes this weapon a horde-slaying godsend.

Enjoy infinite ammo, no recoil, primary slot placement, and a new reticle.

Arm yourself with The Growler, Athletic Deacon, Super Accuracy, and Multiple Fuel Tanks to conquer Days Gone like never before, without fear or risk.

1. More Ears

Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (10)

More Ears makes freakers drop two ears instead of one.

This mod takes the top spot for its elegance and simplicity. The human head (usually) has two ears, so why do freakers drop one? That question does not sit right with us, nor did it sit right with this mod’s author.

More Ears mean more money for supplies, guns, and melee weapons. Double the ears will add up over time; you’ll be surprised.

Be extra careful not to allow your stack of ears to pass 999; this overflow can cause issues.

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Top 10 Best Days Gone Mods [2024] (2024)


Is Days Gone a movie? ›

In August 2022, Deadline reported that a film adaptation of the game was in the works with PlayStation Productions and Vendetta Productions producing the movie, and with Sam Heughan in consideration to play the role of Deacon St.

Does vortex work with days gone? ›

Days Gone for Vortex (DGV) is an unofficial extension for the Vortex mod manager that adds support for installing and managing Days Gone mods in Vortex, just like any other supported title.

Does Days Gone have 2 endings? ›

There's another ending after the credits roll, and it's pretty easy to get.

Is there a secret ending in Days Gone? ›

So you'll need to clear out every Freakers horde, all of the Ambush Camps, get all the IPCA tech and all the rest... and then you can finally unlock the secret Days Gone ending. It is worth the effort though because it's a real WTF? twist to the story and what could have been for a follow up.

Does Days Gone have swearing? ›

Days Gone is easily a 18+ game it has swearing, zombies, Violence and is quite gory. I don't recommend it to any child under 18 to play it but if your child can handle it and realize it is completely fictional it might be suitable for him/her.

Does Days Gone have guns? ›

The Weapon Loadout

Primary Weapons: Consisting of assault rifles, shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns (SMGs). Sidearm Weapons: Consisting of pistols, revolvers, small SMGs, and sawed-off shotguns. Special Weapons: Consisting of crossbows, sniper rifles, and machine guns.

What is the age limit for Days Gone? ›

This game is easily 9 +

The game is a lot of fun since i have played it myself when I first saw the rating I said no But after playing it I realised it was a fun game. There is a lot of blood but not a lot of cursing good for twelve year olds.

How old is Deacon in Days Gone? ›

he appears to be in his mid to late thirties (35-39). Exactly how tall is Deacon St John, personally he appears to range somewhere between 5ft 10 (178 cm) and 6ft (183 cm). Both Iron Mike and Colonel Matthew Garrett appear to be roughly around 6ft 3-4.

Is Days Gone a horror? ›

It tells a story that is actually real, with real people trying to survive in a world filled with nothing but horror.

How did Days Gone end? ›

However, a lot of unpleasant secrets are uncovered, including the fact that Sarah's research was used to make the Freaker virus. After the credits, there is a final scene that has Deacon seeing O'Brian one more time. O'Brian takes off the mask of his hazmat suit and reveals that he is infected.

How do you turn into a freaker in Days Gone? ›

The Freaker Virus, also known as the Hooligan Virus, is a viral infection that causes mutations in humans and other fauna, turning them into Freakers. Its spread across the world is responsible for the societal collapse and apocalyptic landscape seen in Days Gone.

Can you craft in Days Gone? ›

Crafting is incredibly important in Days Gone, and is done to create medicine and powerful throwable weapons like Molotov co*cktails. Crafting is also used to repair melee weapons. Here's how to craft in Days Gone.

Does Vortex delete mods? ›

If you want to take your game back to a default, unmodded state, you can use Vortex's Purge feature. Click the Purge Mods button from the Mods list and Vortex will undeploy all your enabled mods, leaving your game directory essentially unmodded.

Will Days Gone never get a sequel? ›

Responding to fans on Twitter, Ross said: “A lot of people still ask me if there will ever be a Days Gone sequel, so I submit this poster as evidence it will never happen. Sony higher-ups like Hermen were never fans, so you won't hear about it at the PlayStation State of Play today or ever.”

Will Bend Studio make Days Gone 2? ›

Although it fared well with PC players, the Days Gone franchise was unfortunately put to rest, as Bend Studio announced that its next game would be a new IP. Moreover, according to recent comments from Days Gone director Jeff Ross, Sony may never continue the series either.

What is survival 2 Days Gone? ›

In Days Gone, that challenge is taken to a whole new level with its aptly named Survival Mode. In this mode, players are not only faced with the increased challenge of scarcer resources and tougher enemies that deal more damage, but they also have to contend with the removal of the HUD and the option to fast travel.

Is Days Gone playable after ending? ›

The following missions in the Days Gone walkthrough take place after the main campaign is completed and the credits have rolled. The entire map is now unlocked.

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