What Kind of Concrete Should I Use for a Mailbox Post? | House Caravan (2024)

Are you curious about the kind of concrete you should use for a mailbox post? The mailbox post should be sturdy, especially in a windy area. To keep the post sturdy, concrete can be added. There are many kinds of concrete available on the market so it can be confusing to find the one that you can use for your mailbox post. To help you get started, we have shared tips and ideas below.

What kind of concrete should I use for a mailbox post? There is no specific rule to the kind of concrete that you should use for your mailbox post. You can use any kind of concrete available at your local hardware store. On the other hand, it is ideal that you use a fast-setting concrete that easily sets and dries.

You must secure the mailbox post on the ground to prevent it from leaning or falling due to strong winds. Dig deep enough into the ground to place the post. A good solution is to use concrete to set the post into the ground. You can find affordable and fast-setting concrete from your local hardware store. These are easy to use and dry quickly.

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Is it Okay to Use Concrete for the Mailbox Post?

It is okay to use concrete for the mailbox post as it creates a strong and stable foundation. When using the concrete, make sure to mix it according to the instructions written on the packaging. Dig a hole in the ground, place the mailbox post and cover it with concrete. You can use a level to keep the post in place while you fill the hole with concrete.

Is it Recommended that the Mailbox Post is Set in Concrete?

It is recommended that you set the mailbox post in concrete. The concrete will help keep the post in place for many years to come. It provides a sturdy base that remains strong no matter how tough the wind blows. Hence, if you are living in a windy area, you need to make sure that you set your post in concrete.

Steps on How to Use Concrete to Set a Mailbox Post

Digging a hole on the ground, mixing the concrete, placing the post on the ground, covering it with concrete, and letting it dry are some of the steps that you need to take when using concrete to set a mailbox post. Let us learn more about these steps below.

Step 1 – Dig a Hole in the Ground

The first step that you need to do is to dig a hole in the ground. Measure the mailbox post and dig a hole that is about one-half of the length of the post. Make sure that the hole is three times the width of the post.

Step 2 – Support the Mailbox Post

After digging the hole, the next step that you need to do is to support the mailbox post. Ask one of your friends or family members to hold the pole while you mix the concrete. Aside from that, you also need to use a level so that the post is in place.

Step 3 – Pouring the Concrete

The next step is to pour the concrete. After mixing the concrete with water, you need to fill the hole by applying it evenly on all sides. Make sure to pour the concrete evenly. This will make sure that the mailbox post is completely set on the ground.

Step 4 – Allow Concrete to Dry

The last step would be to let the concrete dry. You will need to hold the post until it can support its weight. Drying times take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the type of concrete that you use. Ideally, you choose a fast-setting concrete for this project. You can also check out this article that discusses if you can use acrylic paint on the mailbox. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Do I Keep My Post Level While the Concrete Dries?

To keep your post level while the concrete dries, you need to use a post level tool, and you also have to make sure that you keep weight and pressure off from the concrete while it is drying. Let us learn more about these things below.

Using a Post Level Tool

To keep the post level while the concrete is drying, you need to use a post level tool. It can be hard to level the mailbox post with the use of a conventional one-axis level. A post level will make sure that the post stays in place while the concrete is drying. Aside from that, it can also determine if the dimensions of the post are level.

Keeping Weight and Pressure Off the Post

While the concrete dries, you also need to make sure that the post is free of weight and pressure. Take note that concrete takes a few hours to dry completely. Putting pressure into the post while it is not thoroughly dry can make it unlevel.

Video – Setting a Post with Quickrite

John Kenower shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to set a post using Quickrite. If you are thinking about securing your post on the ground using concrete, watch the video below for more information.

What are the Different Types of Mailbox Posts?

The different types of mailbox posts include plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel, and wood. Each has its pros and cons. Let us learn more about them below.


One of the common types of mailbox posts is plastic. It comes in a wide array of colors, designs, shapes, and features. There are plastic mailbox posts that are created to look like painted wood. Mailbox posts that are made from plastic are durable and have a longer lifespan as compared to metal or wood posts.

Aluminum and Galvanized Steel

Mailbox posts are also available in galvanized steel and aluminum. These are types of metals that are durable and ideal for outdoor use. Aluminum is a popular choice because it does not rust and the finish can stay fresh for a long time. The only downside to aluminum posts is that they are more expensive.


Wood is a popular choice for mailbox posts because it is widely available, affordable, and easy to DIY. You can create a mailbox post using a 4×4 or 6×6 wood. You can choose from a wide array of wood available such as plywood and cedar.

How Deep to Dig for the Mailbox Post Hole?

The hole for the mailbox post should be about eight to ten inches in diameter. Make sure to dig deeper enough on the ground so that the post will not move or lean. We have also shared this article titled, how do I make my mailbox stand out? You can check out the article for more tips and information.

How Do You Stabilize a Mailbox Post?

To stabilize a mailbox post, you need to use a level too. Aside from that, you can also use materials around your house like rocks. The best option would be to use concrete. You can choose any type of concrete available in a home. On the other hand, you can use purchase concrete that dries fast so you do not have to wait long. You can also check out this article that discusses how to make mailbox swag with live greenery. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Much Concrete Do I Need For a Mailbox Post?

The amount of concrete that you need for a mailbox post varies depending on a few factors like the thickness of the post that you are using as well as the diameter of the hole. Usually, about 60 pounds of concrete is enough for a mailbox post that is placed 20 to 24 inches into the ground. You can also read this article that discusses how to refinish a mailbox post. We have shared helpful information that you can refer to.

Is Concrete a Strong Foundation for Your Mailbox Post?

Concrete is a strong foundation for the mailbox post. It can make sure that the post is secured to the ground and will not move or lean in case of strong winds. When using concrete, make sure that you mix it according to the directions written on the package. You can use a level so that the mailbox post remains straight while you pour concrete around it.


This article discusses what kind of concrete you should use for a mailbox post. There is no specific type of concrete that should be used for mailbox posts. You can use any type of concrete that you have. On the other hand, you should use concrete that dries fast. Follow the instructions written on the packaging when mixing the concrete and pouring it on the ground. The concrete should have the right consistency so that it dries accurately. Thank you for reading!

What Kind of Concrete Should I Use for a Mailbox Post? | House Caravan (2024)


What kind of concrete is used for mailbox post? ›

Fast-Setting Concrete Mix: When you need to support a fence or mailbox post, or create a small concrete slab, fast-setting concrete makes a great choice. This sets in just 20 to 40 minutes.

Can I use Quikrete for a mailbox post? ›

QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete firmly sets wood or metal posts in the ground quickly and easily. It is ideal for fence and mailbox posts, flag posts, playground equip- ment, and lamp and sign posts. QUIKRETE® Fast- Setting Concrete sets in approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

Do you need gravel under concrete for mailbox post? ›

QUIK-TIP: Adding a 6" gravel base under each post and finishing the concrete base so that it slopes away from the posts are popular methods for protecting posts against rot from moisture contact.

Should you cement your mailbox? ›

If you want your mailbox to hold up to shifting temperatures, groundwater, and seasonal fluctuations, concrete will help it last longer.

What is the best material for an outside mailbox? ›

Comprehensive Comparison of Mailbox Materials
MaterialDurabilityTypical Use
Stainless SteelHighIndoor & Outdoor
AluminumModerate to HighOutdoor
Galvanized SteelHighIndoor & Outdoor

How many pounds of concrete do I need for a mailbox? ›

Most mailbox post installations require a 60 lb. bag of dry concrete. Pour a little more water on top of the concrete mix. The concrete mix in the ground will soak in both the water you poured earlier as well as the water from the top.

How deep should a mailbox post be? ›

Installing the Mailbox Post

A 4″ x 4″ wooden support or a 2″-diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe. Avoid unyielding and potentially dangerous supports, like heavy metal pipes, concrete posts, and farm equipment (e.g., milk cans filled with concrete). Bury your post no more than 24″ deep.

How long does Quikrete take to harden? ›

QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix (No. 1004) is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed to set hard in approx. 20 to 40 minutes.

How long before Quikrete can get rained on? ›

The curing process is a chemical reaction, with ready mix concrete taking up to 28 days to fully cure. However, as long as you let your fresh concrete cure under waterproof covers with good drainage for a minimum of 4-8 hours, this should be sufficient to prevent damage.

Is 12 inches deep enough for a mailbox post? ›

A typical mailbox post should be set around 20-24 inches into the ground. This is the perfect depth for optimal stability. Position your mailbox 41″ to 45″ from the road surface to the point of mail entry.

How do you stabilize a mailbox post without concrete? ›

Insert Mailbox Post

Avoid unyielding supports such as metal or concrete posts, and instead use a 4 x 4-inch wooden support or a 2-inch diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe. Insert the mailbox post into the hole. Prop the post up with support beams on all sides, extending around the outside of the hole.

How long should a 4x4 post be for a mailbox? ›

Cut the 4×4 post to 4 feet long. Insert two feet into the mailbox post and leave two feet exposed. Attach the mailbox post to the pressure-treated post using the supplied lag screws and the socket wrench.

What is the best concrete for mailbox post? ›

By using Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix and following these 5 easy steps, you can feel confident that your mailbox will be set firmly, and won't fall over or get knocked over easily. For this project, we're going to be using Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix.

Should I seal my mailbox post? ›

It is a good idea to give the wooden mailbox post a coat of stain and seal before the summer sun gets at it. The UV rays do a lot of damage, and the wood can lose all of its protective oils in the heat. At Fence Armor® we stock Stain & Seal Experts products for all wooden outdoor structures.

Do mailbox posts have to be breakaway? ›

Breakaway posts are typically required for mailboxes on highways, though some cities and municipalities require them as well. Contact your local USPS office to inquire about breakaway posts and whether they are required.

What are mailbox posts made of? ›

Wooden mailbox posts have stunning wood grain patterns and the ability to shape into any form desired. At the top of the list are wood species that have the highest rot resistance over time, such as Teak, Ipe (pronounced ee-pay), or Black Locus (also called stone wood).

Which concrete for post holes? ›

Fast-setting concrete is ideal for installing fence posts since it doesn't need to be mixed in a bucket or a wheelbarrow. Once you've finished digging your post holes, add about three to four inches of gravel into the bottom and compact it using a post or a 2x4.

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