How to Get Training Points in Madden 23 (Best Method) (2024)

Something you should take advantage of in Madden is the fact you can take a player’s attributes to the next level with training points.

Training Points are one of the currencies in Madden Ultimate Team, but instead of being used to buy players, packs and items, trading points are instead used to upgrade your existing players.

Using training points, you can upgrade specific attribute ratings for specific player cards that you have. You can also use training points to buy specialty packs in the store under the “training” tab, but they aren’t especially valuable packs.

The cost to upgrade each rating is dependent on the type of rating, position of the player, level of the player’s ratings, and the type of player card it is. In order to get training points in Madden 23 Ultimate Team, you can earn them, buy them, or sell players for them.

This guide will show you the best ways to earn training points in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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How to Use Training Points

First and foremost, training points are used along with strategy items to boost attributes of your top players.

To see which player you can use training points on, go to your roster and hit square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to check your player options on whomever you decide to upgrade.

Not every player is upgradable; Madden wants to encourage people to get promo cards like Headliners or all-Madden cards, so most core players won’t have the ability to be upgraded, and if they do, your options will likely be limited.

When you upgrade your player, you can use your training points to buy ability slots, chemistry slots, superstar and X-factor abilities as well as boosting specific attributes.

Be careful in how you spend these points as they are very hard to come by.

Quick Sell Players

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One of the quickest and most dependable way to earn training points fast is to go into your item binder and quick sell all of the players you aren’t using. In MUT, you acquire new players all the time, some of these players can be slotted into your starting roster, but most will sit in your inventory collecting dust.

Much like how you could quicksell players for a small amount of coins in previous iterations of Madden Ultimate Team, this year you can quicksell your players for training points.

In other generations of MUT, quick selling players for coins was one of the best ways to earn coins quickly and easily, now the same can be said for training points.

Each player can be sold for a specific amount of training points based on their overall rating and program. The better the player, the better the return will be for quick selling him.

You shouldn’t expect a massive payday of training points when you purge your item binder of unused players, but it’s an easy haul of training points you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Play Games

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This is perhaps the most inconsistent way to earn training points as the game is not good at telling you when or if you will earn training points for playing certain challenges or games.

If you play H2H it’s likely you will get training points at a more consistent rate than if you just played missions and challenges, but even then you don’t know how much points or how many games you need to win in order to achieve them.

The game awards you for playing games H2H and completing missions by giving you rewards packages that occasionally give you training points.

I wouldn’t recommend this is your only way to earn training points, however, because it is inconsistent and somewhat difficult.

Buy Packs

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Packs in MUT 23 don’t give you training points directly (as far as I can tell). There could always be a rare chance, or a specialty pack that exists now or in the future that will give you training points, but at the moment I haven’t been able to find it.

The true value of opening packs in terms of training points is the fact that you are getting good players you can quick sell later.

Take the Gameday pack for instance; five gold players and one elite player can be a gold mine of training points. Gold players can be sold for as low as 4 training points for low 70’s overall players, to as high as 150 training points for high 70’s overall players.

Elite players can be sold for as much as a few thousand training points if you get a great player, but you might not want to be quick selling these – especially in the early game.

Buying packs in order to sell the players for training points can be a winning strategy if you have a lot of players who are in need of upgrades.

Now you know how to get training points in Madden 23, why not check out our guide to quicksell training point conversion rates?

How to Get Training Points in Madden 23 (Best Method) (2024)
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